“Here people and races have been mixing,
melding and opposing one another for centuries,
this has never happened in any other place of the world…”
Predrag Matvejevic – Breviario Mediterraneo

Even this year, for the third year, Mazzarelli Art Festival will take place in Marina di Ragusa from 1st to 3rd August. Until 1928, Marina di Ragusa was known as Mazzarelli, from the Arabic “Marsa A’Rillah” meaning small port. This little village, located on the Mediterranean coast of Sicily, became little by little crucial for sailors, travelers and tourists.

Travel journals and writers’ sketches tell numerous stories about Mazzarelli and the Mediterranean Sea: from the old stories of the Arab domination, the Silk Route and of sailings and shipwrecks, to nowadays stories of immigrants striving to escape from struggles, desperation and misery. And then comes the Mediterranean, its typical cuisine and fragrances, its colours and its vegetation: orange trees, myrtles, olive and palm trees, pines and cypresses. Within Mazzarelli Art Festival all these themes will be examined in depth through movies, documentaries, short films, poems and music dealing with all wonders and mysteries that are characteristic of the Mediterranean atmosphere. The Mediterranean is not just a real geographical place but also a metaphysical, political and social place. The Mediterranean is a place of remembrance wonders, a place of thoughts and reflections, it is the end of a road but also the beginning of a new one.

Marina di Ragusa welcomes people from all over the world, by hosting the festival it becomes a place for social and cultural interaction, a place where reality and dream can meld together.

Antonio Carnemolla
Founder and Artistic Director

Mazzarelli Art Festival-
film festival on the Mediterranean

is organized by Associazione Mazzarelli StreetFilm
(support for art, culture and tourism)
Via Del Gargano, 7 – 97010
Marina di Ragusa -RG-

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